Benefits of 100% Grass-Fed Beef

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What’s the difference between grass-fed and grain finished beef? It’s actually very simple, 100% grass fed cows are fed grass and only grass their whole life. This can take the form of pasture grazing of course and winter hay. Grain-finished cows are just that, finished on a grain ration often in a feedlot setting.

So how does the feeding effect how the meat turns out? This too is quite simple. Grass-fed beef is much leaner and has overall less fat than conventional grain-finished beef.

Our cattle are raised and finished on 100% grass. Here are 5 benefits to Grass-Fed Beef:

  1. Grass-Fed Beef is lower in Calories. Because grass fed beef is leaner and has less overall fat it is also lower in calories than conventional beef.

  2. Grass-Fed Beef is a Nutritional Powerhouse. It’s a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and of course protein.

  3. No Hormones or Unnecessary Antibiotics. Our grass-fed beef is free of hormones and we never use any unnecessary antibiotics.

  4. Vitamins. Grass-fed beef has been shown to contain the precursors to the important immune vitamins A and E4.

  5. Efficiency. Cows are one of the most efficient converts of sun energy on earth. By eating grass they naturally convert sun energy into nutrient-dense protein and fat.

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Gabrielle Crumley